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1. Option Set

A grouping of option fields that display on a product page(s).

2. Matching Products

Logic that specifies what product page(s) option sets appear on.

3. Label on Product

The text that appears above on the product page above the input type. Acts as a title for your option.

4. Label on Cart

The name of the field that appears on orders to define the custom option.

5. Input Type

The type of form field you wish to use. HS Options currently supports text, number, large text, radio button, checkbox, swatches and drop down menu inputs.

6. Advanced Options

More advanced features for your options.

7. Class Name

An HTML class that will be appended to the parent element of an option. This is not a field that needs to be filled in otherwise.

8. Required Field

A control that makes the form field required before the product can be added to the cart.

9. Default Value

A value that's already selected when navigating to a product page.

10. Placeholder Text

Text that appears inside form fields before a value is entered.

11. Character Limit

A set number of characters that can be used within a textbox.

12. Conditional Logic

A feature that allows you to have an option appear or hide based on the previous selection.

13. Conditional Rule

A statement that expresses whether an option field will display or be hidden depending on whether the set condition(s) are met.

14. Swatch(es)

An option that can attach an image or color.

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