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1. HS Options is installed, now what?

Time to get excited, you’re ready to start setting up the app and creating options! In order for options to appear on your store, you'll need to assign them to products.

2. How do I set up HS Options?

First you will need to turn on the app embed block in your current theme and then start creating option fields. Here are some great articles that will go over this process with you:

  1. Install HS Product Options
  2. Get started with HS Product Options
  3. Create options

3. I’m having trouble setting up HS Options, is there an Expert Install Service?

Yes! We are more than happy to help set it up for you. 😊 You can request the service by sending an email to

4. Can I add a cost to an option?

Our Product Bundles feature allows you to attach an add-on product to the option selection so you can add an extra cost to your main product. Create a new product like $5.00 gift wrapping and bundle it to your option. When selected, both products will be added to cart.

Click here to learn more about the Product Bundles feature.

At this time, HS Options is not able to track inventory. Our preferred workaround is to use Shopify variants to track inventory and then use HS Options for the additional fields that don't need to be tracked in inventory.

6. Can I use HS Options' conditional logic feature along with Shopify variants?

While the conditional logic feature allows you to add rules to your options, they cannot be applied to Shopify variants. The feature only works with options created through our app.

7. Can I use HS Options with Shopify promo/discount codes?

You can use Shopify promo/discount codes with HS Options and accept them at checkout without any issues. There is no conflict with discounts and the options you create with our application.

8. How to make options mandatory/required to fill in?

When creating options, under the [Show Advanced Settings] section, click [Yes] on [Required Field], and save your changes.

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